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February 26, 2022

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Our annual Pancake Day will take place at Sycamore High School on February 26, 2022.  Enter through the doors marked "Athletic Entrance" and follow the smell of syrup and the sounds of our wonderful musicians!  Pancakes will be served 8am-2:30pm.  We will have takeout and eat-in options.

Pancake Day Tickets will be sold online until 1pm on Friday February 25, 2022. 

Tickets will also be sold at Pancake Day on Saturday 26, 2022 at Sycamore High School Commons area.

Parents, we need your help to make this fundraiser a success!  Please find a time you can volunteer at Pancake Day.  Make sure you pick a time NOT DURING YOUR STUDENT'S PERFORMANCE TIME.  Thank you very much- SBOB is your organization and succeeds because of your contributions.  

Music Performances throughout the day!
8:00     5th Grade Band
8:30     HS Jazz Ensemble
9:00     7th Grade Orchestra
9:30     7th Grade Band
10:00   6th Grade Orchestra
10:30   HS Band I
11:00   6th Grade Band
11:30   HS Big Band
12:00   5th Grade Orchestra
12:30   HS Band II
1:00     HS Symphony Orchestra
1:30     8th Grade Band
2:00     8th Grade Orchestra
2:30     HS Philharmonic Orchestra
3:00     HS Band III

Please also plan on visiting the District's Fine Arts Show which will be held in the Main Gymnasium at Sycamore High School at the same time. Excellent art from the entire Sycamore District will fills the gym and you can enjoy pancakes before or after viewing the artworks!